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CT Money School Boletín de Noticias - Invierno 2012

¡El boletín de noticias del invierno está aquí! Adentro, puede leer consejos sobre cómo ahorrar dinero, sugerencias sobre cómo preparar sus impuestos, y más. La versión en inglés está aquí.


Los que son sin bancos en Connecticut

Este artículo en el periódico electrónico CT Mirror habla sobre “Bank On Connecticut”, un nuevo programa de CAHS. Bank On Connecticut está trabajando con otras organizaciones sin fines de lucro y los bancos para ayudar a los que no tienen cuentas bancarias a abrir una cuenta sin costo o de bajo costo.


CAHS & Citi Community Development Announce Launch of "Bank On Connecticut"

Bank On Connecticut provides access to financial education and responsible financial products and services.  Bank On Connecticut will be piloted in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, Stamford and Derby. 

If you do not have a bank account, or would like to learn how to better manage your bank account, register for Bank On Connecticut today!


Asset Platform Offers an Interactive Road Map to Purchasing a Car

Check out the Auto Resource Map for a step by step guide to key aspects of car buying, including:

  • Credit Scores
  • Online Car Shopping
  • How much car can you afford?
  • Auto Loan Financing & Refinancing


New Data Shows that Savings Rate is Headed Down Again

According to data released by the National Endowment for Financial Education, Americans made a brief change in spending habits in 2009 going from a negative savings rate to an 8.2% savings rate at the height of the recession. New data shows the savings rate is dropping again, and is now at 5.8%.  Are we ready to to stop saving?


US Treasury Announces Push for Prepaid Cards

Over 600,000 taxpayers will receive an offer from the Treasury in the mail with information on low cost prepaid cards that are capable of having tax refunds loaded directly onto them.  These affordable cards will be offered right around tax time, with the hope that people will take advantage of them before getting their tax return prepared.  For more information check out their website.


Consumer Reports Offers Advice on How to Avoid New Banking Fees

Defend Your Dollars.org helps you navigate new fees on checking accounts.  Go to the Connecticut Money School Fan Page on Facebook to share your banking stories.


Black Friday Offers Deals, If Americans Stick to Lists

Check out this release from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), which has great tips on how to avoid spending too much this holiday season.


Final Phase of Credit Card Reform Act is Passed

This Washington Post article clearly outlines the new laws taking effect.  Find out about changes in fee structures for credit cards, gift card limitations, and more.


 Connecticut Money School started a Facebook group! 

Check out our new way of networking with students, instructors, and nonprofit organizations throughout the state.  Use the "Discussion" board to start a conversation about spending, saving, or navigating local financial education resources.  Just click on the link above to join!


FDIC Breaks Down Credit Card Reform

This useful article outlines new laws regulating credit card companies.  Several regulations recently went into effect including interest rate restrictions, new limits on fees and interest rate changes, and improved disclosure (making the "fine print" easier to read). 


Free Credit Report Not Really Free

Columnist Susan Tompor provides a look at where to go to get a free credit report and how popular companies require payment for unnecessary services in order to get your free credit score.

Full article printed in the Detroit Free Press on February 27, 2010.


Foreclosure Prevention Seminars Hosted in Greater Hartford

Learn how to stay out of foreclosure at free forums offered in Hartford, Manchester, and Enfield in March and April.  The Greater Hartford Association of Realtors is organizing the forums, which will include a representative from the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, a housing attorney, and a Realtor. 

Full article by Ken Gosselin in The Hartford Courant, February, 24, 2010.


Free classes offer tips on money handling

For those in a post-holiday financial slump or people who are struggling to meet daily expenses while paying off debt, the Connecticut Money School is offering free courses intended to help..."

Full article by Angela Carter in the New Haven Register, January 26, 2010.


Take Control of Your Finances

"Have you hit a post-holiday financial slump?  Not sure how to pay off your daily expenses and your debt? A new program for Connecticut adults and seniors provides..."

See full article from the front page of the Hartford Courant, January 23, 2010.


"Control Spending and Save for a Rainy Day"

We all cringe after the holidays when bills start coming in the mail.  This is a great article, with tips on how to start 2010 off with the right financial mindset.

See full article by Pamela Yip, mind set. Dallas Morning News, December 14, 2009.


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Webinar

Do you know about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program?  Check out this free webinar with presentations from the Connecticut Association for Human Services, the National Community Tax Coalition, and the Internal Revenue Service.


Details on the American Opportunity Act

IRS announces changes to education credits through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Under the American Opportunity Act the Hope Credit is made available to tax payers with higher incomes and to students who do not typically owe taxes. 


Connect Your Community To Financial Education

Connecticut Money School hosted a webinar featuring the Connecticut State Treasurer's Office and Delaware Financial Literacy Institute.  Learn about our program and other statewide initiatives:


Governor Rell Signs Bill Regulating Credit Card Marketing to College

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced she has signed a bill that regulates credit card marketing on campus to college students and restricts debt collection actions that can be taken by credit card companies against parents.


Students are already burdened with education loans by the time they leave college. They risk taking on even more financial pressure when they give in to the lure of credit cards made available to them right on campus, Governor Rell said. This bill will set strict parameters for credit card companies on when, where and how they can market to students.

http://www.ct.gov/governorrell/cwp/view.asp?A=3675&Q=443064 .


Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Credit-Card Practices 

May 19, 2009... The president is expected to get the measure before the Memorial Day recess after differences in the House and Senate versions are resolved.

The New York Times, David Stout, May 19, 2009


Your Money- A Consumer's Guide to the New Credit Card Rules

A primer on the new restrictions that credit card companies face, and some reassurances on those rewards programs.
The New York Times, Ron Lieber, May 19,2009



Money school teaches financial responsibility Free classes are under way for adults who want to learn about managing money and other assets, covering topics from opening a bank account or clearing debt to saving for a home or planning for the future. The newly launched Connecticut Money School...

New Haven Register, Angela Carter, May 12, 2009


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